Greetings from Pasadena! We are an Audi dealership proudly serving Los Angeles customers with everything you need to satisfy your love for the Audi brand, but why take the time to visit?


Top Reasons To Visit Our Dealership From L.A.

  • The first is the most obvious: we have a wide selection of new and used Audi models to offer you enough options within your budget. Whether you want a sedan, SUV, or sportscar, we have the ability to assist you in finding it.
  • Do you wonder about financing your new Audi vehicle? Discuss lease and loan options with our team of professionals who understand the process and have assisted others in locating the right solution.
  • When it's time to consider maintenance, our service department is staffed with Audi-trained technicians who know these vehicles inside and out. Plus, we understand the importance of Audi genuine parts for the best fit and performance.

While you consider the reasons you can come up with to visit, here is a fun video to help you break the ice in your next meeting or when you want to make small talk in an elevator. We know that some of these don't land as well as others, but have some fun and try it out around greater Los Angeles.