Discover Your Options Today at Audi Pasadena

Given what you know about Audi, it's no surprise that with every new model year comes a whole collection of exciting and cutting-edge features. Part of why our customers choose an Audi lease is that they know it allows them to bring home the latest technology every few years. If you are among the lucky bunch who have enjoyed a lease on their new Audi A3, A4, or A5, you're probably curious about your next steps. When it comes time to discuss lease return options, you're not alone.

Are you interested in leaving your current Audi lease behind in favor of a new Audi A7, e-tron, or S4? We're here to help you make that happen. One of your options is to step into a new lease when yours ends, giving you access to the latest features. Another option is to buy your leased vehicle by refinancing or choose to take an auto loan on a new or used Audi Q3, Q5, or Q7.

When it comes time to return your leased vehicle, contact our team, and we'll be glad to help you get the process started. We'll help you navigate the confusion of assessing any additional fees from excess wear and tear or mileage overages, and we'll get you into the next right Audi today.

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