Here at Rusnak/Pasadena Audi, we're doing everything we can to fulfill your transportation needs during these trying times. Our certified Audi service department is open so that we can service and repair your Audi A4. To better protect our Pasadena customers, we're advertising at-home pickup and delivery, following social-distancing protocols, and sanitizing every Audi vehicle that we repair. If there are any concerns regarding our new dealership operations, you can call or message us.

Precautions Used to Service Audi Vehicles in Pasadena

As we continue navigating the current COVID-19 pandemic, Pasadena drivers are encouraged to schedule Audi service at Rusnak/Pasadena Audi. During Audi service appointments, we sanitize high-touch areas of your luxury car or SUV. These include your steering wheel, shift knob, leather seating, audio controls, door handles, and mirrors. We use top-rated disinfectants to sterilize your Audi cabin's interior for on-the-go protection.

At our Pasadena Audi dealership, we're adhering to social distancing protocols. We maintain six feet of distance from others and limit our Audi service facility's occupancy to nine or fewer individuals. To enter Rusnak/Pasadena Audi, we require all staff members and customers to wear masks. While these precautions seem simple, we know that they'll make a difference in keeping our Audi dealership staff and Pasadena visitors safe and healthy.

Schedule Home Pickup and Delivery for Audi Service

If you're not comfortable with bringing your Audi in for its service appointment, we understand. We want to give Pasadena customers the option to stay at home, which is why we have at-home pickup and delivery for Audi service appointments. You can now schedule an oil change virtually and have your Audi Q5 picked up at your home. It's an excellent way to receive quality Audi service still while remaining safe. Talk to an Audi service advisor today if you're interested in pickup and delivery for your next battery replacement, tire rotation, or wheel alignment.

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