A weekend in the mountains, an afternoon at the beach, or that road trip to visit distant Glendale family are all great reasons to get behind the wheel this summer. Hot temperatures can really take a toll on your vehicle. However, making a little preparation before the season really gets in full swing is a good thing.

Summer Tires

Your Audi is a high-performance vehicle, so naturally, you want to maximize its performance efficiency around Arcadia and Alhambra. That includes having summer tires installed to improve road grip in the summer. All-season tires are a great option for cooler, wetter months, but summer tires will give you an edge over the all-season design when summer's full heat comes to bear. Summer tires start with a unique chemical makeup that allows them to stay firm even on blazing pavement. Their tread also maximizes surface contact. These two factors work together to provide the best grip on the road, especially when traveling at freeway speeds or winding down a curving mountain road.

Battery Service & More

If your battery is getting older, summer temperatures can sap battery strength. The hotter your battery gets, the more energized the chemicals inside it become, expending energy at a far higher rate than normal. This is why older batteries can unexpectedly die on a nice summer day. Your technician can check your battery strength as part of an overall engine inspection, helping you avoid breaking down in the heat. They'll also check your hoses and belts for signs of obvious trouble, add fluids, look for suspicious signs of leakage and check electrical wires. This is an excellent service to have done if you're planning on an extended road trip.

Prepare Your Audi for Summer

At our dealership near Los Angeles, we'll help you prepare your Audi for summer driving. We offer a convenient scheduling process right online, and our technicians specialize in Audi care, so you know you're getting the best maintenance in the Pasadena area.

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